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Resplendence is an innovative concept and nascent social movement, complementing science and transcending religion, with the wisdom of conscious insight and motivation, to reflower the planet as a living paradise, abundantly resilient over evolutionary time, and ultimately, to reach to the stars.  Press play for the music!

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Music: "But a Piece of What was to Be" 1999 Rohan King (composition, piano) Chris King (dulcimer)

What is Resplendence?

A WORLD WARNING: Populism, Tribalism and the Future of Planet Earth

The Great Dying is a Wake-Up Call: A Personal Statement

Resplendence is both a revolutionary, world-transforming concept and a nascent social movement to reflower the planet. If you like this presentation, you are invited to make contact our the e-mail address.

Resplendence complements the knowledge of nature and the universe provided by science and the powers provided by advanced technology with the wisdom of what to do for the future, so that all the living generations of humanity and the diversity of life can continue to prosper, and in the process we will discover our true calling as guardians of all conscious life in the universe.

The discoveries of science have unveiled a story of our origin and futue far more challenging and exicting than any archaic tales of God's creation. We know the universe is vastly more inscrutable and confounding than simple ideas of creation by God's breath, manufacture, or verbal command. We also know the universe is capable of supporting stars and planets and that the gas clouds around young solar systems contain the very molecules of life that we find have spawned life on our planet. We now know beyond all doubt from molecular genetics that life has evolved from single celled organisms to bootstrap itself into conscious organisms, who in our case can ponder our fates and wonder at the enormity and sheer depth in complexity of the universe of which we are a part.

Science deals with the discovery process of how nature and the universe work, resplendence provides the wisdom to enable us to creatively express this knowledge, in reflowering paradise on Earth - the ultimate manifestation of wisdom in action. Resplendence is both an attitude of mind and a social dynamic attuned to bringing Earth back to a state of full and abundant resplendence, sustainable and resilient over evolutionary time scales, to ensure our own survival and the survival of the diversity of life.

Since the dawn of history, we have needed to develop both practical knowledge of the natural world - which plants are safe to eat, or medicinal and which are poisonous, how to make arrow poisons, to master fire and toolmaking. We also have a deep need to make sense of our conscious existence to give us the confidence to approach the world with a sense of meaning and purpose - a sense of "having to believe".

The practical knowedge, which we have to treat sceptically, to make sure we get it right and survive, became science.
Traditional religion has sought to complement our practical knowledge in human history with a sense of meaning and moral purpose, but has done so at the cost of a heritage of enforced doctrines, moral imperatives, subjugation of women and scorched-Earth attitudes, in which nature can be discarded for the false promises of celestial realms, amid dire threats of hellfire for disobediance to the religious path. Subjective conscious experiences, both of the world around us, and of the inner realities of dreaming and visionary states. are integral to the spiritual quest of who and what we are as sentient beings, but religion has tended to distort this discovery process, by asserting fearful and incorrect descriptions of our existential condition, designed to make us subject to the religious imperative.

Resplendence transcends religion, by providing untramelled direct first-person avenues towards enlightenment, complementing the objective science of the physical world with the subjective science of consciousness reasearch - a true discovery process of conscious meaning and existence, so that human society can discover the deeper inner dimensions of consious experience, fully exploring the conscious realms that religions aspire to in a way we can verify in the first person, through our own discoveries, engaging meditative and contemplative vigils and the agency of entheogenic species to make a voyage of discovery together, complementing scientific discovery of the physical world, with a living account of our evolving collective expereince, without depending on second or third-hand religious doctrines to distort the nature and integrity of the first-person contemplative condition.

In this process we shall come to fulfill the central hope of the true religious quest, in the flowering and deepening of sentient consciousness in the universe. Just as the scientific world view has shown us a vastly more complex and challenging view of the universe than religious creaton myths, so the collective exploration of the conscious condition unfettered by social taboo is likely to lead to conscious experiences, utterly different from, and vastly transcending, those of traditional religious doctrines.

The word resplendence means many things. We usually think of it as a state of glorious natural splendour, but its root meaning re-splendere is to "shine brightly" or "shine again". It is thus both the overflowing abundance of paradise shining forth in splendour, and as a global consciousness, it is the illumination of our conscious discoveries into an enlightenment gained in the regeneration of the living world.

But it has a deeper meaning, as the immortal condition of humanity and is hence the natural paradigm successor to religion, whose name re-ligio means to bind together, thus inducing social compliance with bondage to the established order and its obediance to doctrine.

Instead of leading to the social dominion and physically unrealizable imaginary scenarios of religions, such as heaven, hell and a triage in the the day of judgment, resplendence leads to a real and positively awesome outcome - the reflowering of Earth in natural abundance, through a democratic culture empowered by climax technology, medicine and science based on principles of ecosystemic diversity.

We all want to find meaning in life and want it to have a meaning that extends beyond our own lifetime. We also want the security that we are living in a world that has a viable future for our offspring and the future generations. The critical source of our angst that many of us turn to religion to alleviate, is that we are living in a world which is not only teeming with injustice, violent conflicts and weapons of mass destruction, but is lurching towards an uncertain future as a result of human impacts on the world's living habitats, climate and resources which could take us to an irreversible tipping point, undermining the future of unborn generations. These are problems we need to deal with and heal in this life to have a sense of fulfillment, not just pass them on to future generations, or to an imagined afterlife.

We already have a good understanding of how the universe comes into being, of how the forces of nature are shaped, how they can produce atoms and molecules and the complex structures making up cell organelles and the tissues of living organisms. We are discovering the neuroscience of consciousness. But this is not the end of the road. We urgently need to act as good guardians of the planet, so that consciousness can continue to flower and new horizons can be discovered by future generations, so that the consciousness of human culture becomes a great tapestry - a living brocade over space time.

The key meaningful contribution we can make to the future comes through several avenues - the good life we bequest to our offspring, our own first-person vision quest into the mystical depths of the conscious condition, our contributions to deeper understanding in culture and society, in the humanities, science, technology, art and music, through innovations we bring to society which produce lasting benefit, though compassionate social justice, and through actually protecting the living planet through our actions to guard the diversity of life. This way we become a true perennial expression of intelligent planetary life, which over time can reach to the stars and find our place in the consciousness life permeating the galaxies.

You can find a more detailed explanation of the whole inspiration and thrust of resplendence as a game-changing world view in the keynote articles below. "Conscious Existence and the Fate of the Universe" provides an explanation of how resplendence fulfils the existential quest in a primary exploration of the conscious condition that transcends religion and complements scientific discovery. "The Origin of Sex" shows how evolution has given rise firstly to sex, then multicelled organisms and conscious brains, explaining why female reproductive choice is key to the emergence of our super-intelligence. "Planetary Ecocrisis" is a real time research reference overview of damage being done to biodiversity and the biosphere as a direct evidential call to action. It speaks for itself. Science, Resplendence and Existence gives the previous overview, with a poster and video introduction. Together these articles account how and why consciousness, sexuality and biodiversity are the three keys to the survival of the living planet. "Resplendence: A Cosmological Theory of Knowing" looks at resplendence as a subjective theory and method complementing objective science.

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Key Perspectives

Conscious Existence and the Fate of the Universe
The Origin of Sex
Planetary Ecocrisis: A Real Time Call for Action
Science, Resplendence and Existence
Resplendence: A Cosmological Theory of Knowing
The Resplendence Codex

Research     Articles

Tree of Life: Tangled Roots and Sexy Shoots
Quantum Cosmology
Entheogens, the Conscious Brain and Existential Reality
Space, Time and Consciousness
The Cosmology of Conscious Mental States
Sexual Paradox

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